We need to address our education system.

We need to address our education system.

Teachers have amazing influence.

They have the ability to mold the minds of our children. Their lessons are often ingrained in our child’s mind for a lifetime. I cannot possibly sum up the memories that were given to me from my teachers.

With this in mind, we need to help build a system where they can teach and bestow their knowledge in a more optimal way.

People fear the unknown. We need to present these unknowns to them and get them acclimated so they aren’t scared of things they haven’t seen before. Relationships can be derived from understanding the other side. If I don’t understand XYZ, by understanding at least X, I should be able to figure out Y.

Fear is a force that heavily motivates us.

If fear was nothing, we wouldn’t need to stand in the face of it and overcome it.

This election has taught me that the majority of people are fearful of the people they don’t know. If you aren’t acclimated to people of a different race, people of a different color, people with different values, you will most likely categorize them in a basket that you can easily pull from.

All black people are hoodlums, all Muslim’s are terrorists, Mexicans are rapists, and whatever else. These types of comments resonated with people who were fearful for those who aren’t like them. Those of us who are away from population centers don’t often get the opportunity to interact with people who are different than us.


Have no fear, teacher is here!
“Excuse me teach, when can we turn around to see how far we are from the ground?”

How can we change that?

We need some change to the schools. We need to build interaction into the curriculum. We’re all in this together. People from foreign lands want to enjoy their life and contribute in the ways they know best. They aren’t bad and they aren’t trying to hurt us. This is something we need to see as Americans.

For the most part, we’re all immigrants. Whether your family lineage goes all the way back to the Mayflower or you just came over last week, we’re all here together, so let’s make the best of it.

Schools should teach that hate only breeds ignorance.

Let’s give teachers the training and ability to instill these types of beliefs into our children’s schooling.

Many schools in the Ohio region have lost their art and music programs. This is a huge shame, but maybe this paves the way for us to enhance our fundamental knowledge. Social studies, history, and science classes can all shed a new light on students. The loss of these classes could open the door for a greater base level understanding of humanity.

The election results, rallies, and rhetoric all show that many people lack a fundamental understanding of those they don’t understand. This has only stoked the fire of ignorance and almost a pride of ignorance.

While I believe this is mostly a problem of generations past, we need to consider it moving forward. As Americans, we need to be united. We need to see past our differences and rebuild.

Teachers and schools can provide the best way to do this.

We need to do it for our future.

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