Cleveland’s Finest

I’m not here to “innovate,” I’m here to produce actual results and make changes that will positively affect the world.  

Being a Cleveland native, I grew up in a city that has seen its fair share of hard times but has never given up hope in returning to the greatness it once was.  I never realized how much of my experience was shaped by Cleveland as a whole until I moved away.  We share many of the same traits: perseverance, an industrious work ethic, hope, loyalty, and the ability to think outside of the box to get things done.

Perseverance: the quality that allows someone to continue trying to do something even though it is difficult

Being the son of an asphalt laying machine operator and a part time accountant, I do not come from wealthy or “well off” upbringings that many of my peers were graced with.  My college experience consisted of working full time while balancing an 18 credit hour course load so I could pay off my college.  While this lead to many sleepless nights studying, I managed to be the first person in my family lineage to get my bachelor’s degree.  This mind set is something I bring to work with me every day and utilize in my personal life as well.

Industrius:  working very hard : not lazy

This trait is something that is easy to see when considering my rapid advancement in all my previous positions.  At 12 years old, I got my first paper route.  Within a few months, the newspaper offered me a second route since I was doing so well at the first.  At McDonalds, I was advanced from a crew member to a trainer/team leader months after I started.  Then once I turned 18, I took the management role that was offered to me.  During my time at Olive Garden, I went from bus boy to bartender in 3 weeks.  This was a first for this Olive Garden location which was open for 20+ years.  Then most recently at Honda, within two years of employment, I received multiple promotions and project leadership jobs.  This consistency isn’t an accident.  My parents had instilled in me the value of hard work and all that can come of it.

Hope:  to want something to happen or be true and think that it could happen or be true

As many people know, Cleveland’s citizens are always hopeful for the future of their city.  We commit to supporting our sports teams  (which don’t have the best track record) and local artists.  We support them to the fullest with the hopes that they will revitalize.  I bring this ideology to my world view.  I recognize that there are many inefficiencies that have a global affect and I hope to assist in correcting these to create a better life for people in all corners of the world.  Many people in poor countries have no access to the luxuries we have available to us in the US; I would love to help spread our knowledge and products to these countries to help get them up to date and flourishing.

Loyal:  firm in one’s allegiance to someone or something

Cleveland has a steadfast and unwavering loyalty for everything originally from, within, produced by, etc Cleveland.  As I mentioned previously, we support our sports teams among many other things that are related to our city.  This loyalty is something I took with me to work for the 7 years working at McDonalds, my 70 hour work weeks at Honda, and my entire group of family and friends.  Once a company or group of people become important to me, I will remain at their side through thick and thin.

Think outside (of) the box:  think in an original or creative way.

Finally, we come to what makes me different.  When met with resistance, I gladly meet that resistance with cunning.  I love thinking of news ways to approach a situation.  Beginning when I was a child, I would modify my K’Nex robot designs to add functionality by using different motors, making additional body parts mechanical, and et cetera.  In high school, in a Lego robotic battle design competition, I lead our team to using a new technique that would expose the errors in other team’s coding and grant us victory. At McDonalds, I broke the standard shift pattern to create a new schedule that would save 10% crew hours each day and increase earnings an equal amount.  Finally, at Honda, I have done a ton of research into new technologies, how to implement these advancements into our systems to provide the customer with a more robust, efficient system that will exceed their expectations.  In my short time at Honda thus far, I have implemented two new starter technologies that reduced weight and improved functionality and investigated countless other ideas.  I have always been known as the “problem solver” of the group with the leadership skills to see these ideas through.

This consistency across the board isn’t something that is going to change.  I am willing to bring my big ideas, light-hearted attitude, and work ethic to any endeavors that I partake in.  If this has struck a chord with you, please continue over to my blogs and see what I’m working on and where I’m headed. Hope to hear from you soon!

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And as always, Good Job!