Let’s Roleplay Life: Charades

Let’s Roleplay Life: Charades

Everyone loves to roleplay. It’s a blast stepping out of your own shoes and into somene elses for a bit. This gives you the ability to explore different facets of a personality, do things that would otherwise be unacceptable, or be someone completely else. Now think of the best character you can think of. Now, what’s preventing you from embodying facets of these characteristics?

In this new weekly segment we look at games or activities and how we interact differently during them. We can cherry-pick a few elements here and there to help refine ourselves in the ways that we want to. Hopefully, if you pull aspects of each of these games, you’ll become some Captain Planet type super human version of yourself.


Charades is Roleplay!

Well, this is probably the most popular of roleplaying games. Everyone knows it; a classic party game.

In Charades, you need to act out situations, pretend to be a different person, or perform movie scenes. If you know the scene or situation well, you exude confidence and a level of excitement not usually present.

Imagine this, you pull the paper out of the hat of things you need to act out. You pull the Titanic. You decided, what better way to show the Titanic than performing the, “I’m the king of the world!” scene. If you live under a rock and don’t know what I’m talking about, imagine something else.

Anyway, you pull that paper, your face lights up. “I love this scene, I’m going to crush this” you think to yourself as you step up to the open space you’re performing in. Your audience sees that you have a grin on your face as you walk toward up. There is growing excitement.

You shake out the cobwebs and work that smile off your face, because hey, you have to embody a character now. Deep breath.

One word, you hand signal. Then boom.

“I’M THE KING OF THE WORLD!” you silently shout.

As you raise your arms out and imagine yourself on the front of a ship, pumping your fist, hooting and hollering just like Leo did in Titanic. Nailed it. Crowd’s ecstatic, yelling the answer, laughing. Some are sobbing because of the incredible performance they just witnessed. The room is lit up.

The pull

The person playing the scene is excited to perform and the audience feeds off of that.

Of course, the more energy you bring to the acting the more excitable the room gets. Then, this works in reverse as well. The more excited the audience is to see the performance, the more hyped the performer gets to play the scene.

You are invigorated by all thrill going on, which makes you more animated. It breaks you out of your typical 9-5 work level happiness and into something more electrifying.

Everyone loves enthusiasm. It stirs everyone up, makes them excited and anticipate what the person about to do. What’s preventing you from bringing that sort of passion and excitement to your everyday life?

Be the exciting person. Who cares if what you’re talking about is drab. Liven it up and make people excited to listen to you.

Good Job Zack! Roleplay Rules!

Good Job, 



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