Let’s Roleplay Life: Cops and Robbers

Let’s Roleplay Life: Cops and Robbers

Everyone loves to roleplay. It’s a ton of fun stepping out of your own shoes and into somene elses for a bit. This gives you the ability to explore different facets of a personality, do things that would otherwise be unacceptable, or be someone completely else. Now think of the best character you can think of. Now, what’s preventing you from embodying facets of these characteristics?

I let’s look at some roleplay games or things in pop culture. We can cherry-pick a few elements here, there, and hopefully refine ourselves in the ways that we want to. Hopefully if you pull aspects of each of these games, you’ll become some Captain Planet type super human version of yourself.

Cops and Robbers

Roleplay in Cops and Robbers

Cops and robbers, the most basic game.

I’m not trying to be hipster board game player with this choice.

Last time you formally played this, you were probably a child. Hopefully, you’ve dabbled in similar activities since then most likely. Just the other week, I ended up doing something similar with my girlfriend where we were running around the apartment shooting hair ties at each other.

It all started when I found another hair tie on the ground next to the bed. I was aggravated that I kept finding them scattered about the house.

So I shot her and ran away, like any real man would do.

Then she shot it at me after she realized what was going on.

Of course, like a badass, I grabbed it out of the air and shot it back. Then, for about 15 minutes, we were running through the apartment bluffing about having the band, sneaking in shots when the other wasn’t looking, tackling each other, battling ferociously and having fun.

This was in the middle of my day working from home.

Normally, these kinds of things don’t happen, but I let it engulf me and completely distract me from my work. I had thought about that a few times as we were battling tooth and nail for this hair band, but I kept on battling until we were both out of breath and laughing hysterically.

A month or two prior to that, we had a hardcore Nerf gun battle throughout the apartment as well. She had just moved in, we were trying to get rid of stuff and sort everything to make the most of our space. We live in a small one bedroom apartment downtown so we were in the process of cramming things in every possible nook and cranny of the apartment.

Then I found the pair of guns I had in stored in my desk for some reason or another. I believe my friend and I were going to do a project where we modified them to make them shoot much further. Instead, we made a company.

Anyway, she was rummaging through her things when I called out to her.

“Hey, let’s duel.”

And I tossed the gun over to her. We stood back to back in the living room and did the back to back ten paces and shoot. We made the deal that whoever lost would have to clean the bathroom.

So we took our steps. …8, 9, 10. Turn.


I turned around as quickly as I could. Unfortunately, I ended up in a doorway so I had to tuck my arms in a slightly weird way to swing myself around.

Holding the gun up near my ear as I turned, I rotated my head and saw her come into view. My grip tightened on the trigger and slowly pulled it as I released my arm from it’s upright position and began straightening it.

I was still in the turn but saw that she had already turned around and was in the process of lining up the shot.

Too slow! I saw the Nerf bullet rapidly coming at me so I tried to roll my shoulder out of the way while also finishing my trigger pull.

It was no use.

I threw my shot off in doing so. While also trying to shoot and aim my shot, I didn’t roll my shoulder as hard as I could and threw off my aim.

And I was shot in the process.

I let out a roar of “Noooooo!”

To be clear, it was nothing like the Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker “Nooooo!”

She won.

I was stuck on bathroom cleaning duty.

It was so much fun.

The Pull

Being distracted isn’t always bad in your day to day work.

The day I was working from home, I couldn’t tell you even remotely what I was working on that day, but the battle we had over the hair tie was something that I’ll never forget.

After we had finished, I was completely reinvigorated. Of course it was a major bummer to have to go back to my desk to continue working on a project, but in doing so, I was had a new energy that allowed me to press on and work through the rest of the afternoon.

This is a story that I can reflect on for years to come. I’ll never miss the 15 minutes of work that I lost to a rogue hair tie fight or the gun fight that determined the bathroom cleaner.

Have fun, let these fun times make your decisions for you. Would you rather flip a coin or have an intense Nerf gun fight?

Those 15 minutes gave me just the right amount of mental time away from work so that I could go back and not let my mind wander or my mouse wander over to Facebook and twitter. A net gain.

So, let  yourself get distracted. Create a memory.

Most of all, let yourself have fun.

Good Job Zack! Roleplay Rules!

Good Job, 


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