Let’s Roleplay Life: Werewolf

Let’s Roleplay Life: Werewolf

Everyone loves to roleplay. It’s a blast stepping out of your own shoes and into someone else’s for a bit. This gives you the ability to explore different facets of a personality, do things that would otherwise be unacceptable, or be someone completely else. Now think of the best character you can think of. Now, what’s preventing you from embodying facets of these characteristics?

In this new weekly segment we look at games or activities and how we interact differently during them. We can cherry-pick a few elements here, there, and hopefully refine ourselves in the ways that we want to. Hopefully if you pull aspects of each of these games, you’ll become some Captain Planet type super human version of yourself.


Roleplay in Werewolf!

Werewolf, the game where you get to pretend to be a werewolf that feasts on innocent people every night. Alternatively, you can be mafioso who kill people every night, but I like the flavor of Werewolf better so I’m going to be using that as my base.

You and your friends have gotten together to play Werewolf.

You’ve played a few rounds of the game and everyone is starting to have fun with it and has loosened up. One person has dabbled into throwing in an old-timey character voice. Eventually everyone is doing it. Obviously, no one is doing it well and it’s hilarious.

This round, you pull the werewolf. You’ve also decided to try out the southern accent that a few other people are using.

Night time.

You are told to open your eyes. Looking around, you see that one of the people you met tonight is also the werewolf. He’s one of the original people who were using the accent – it’s hilarious. This should be fun. You both pick your victim.


Morning arises, everyone’s informed of the dead person. Fingers are slowly pointed here and there until a consensus is made. Everyone is building their characters. You are just playing along for the first round. Nothing’s getting heated yet. They choose someone who isn’t either of the werewolves.

Night time.

You open your eyes, pick another victim. One of the more sheepish people who hasn’t taken a strong side yet.


Morning arises and one of the innocents is quick to point their finger at you.

“Quick to be pointing the finger there, son!” your partner, who decided to roleplay the town reverend, says in his best reverend-ey voice.

Then, seeing his angle, you jump on the person as well.

“Yeah, why the hell are you so skiddish, Werewolf?”

You’re bluffing like hell. Hopefully no one is noticing the joy you’re getting out of this. Slowly the tides turn against him but other people are taking their side as well.

Getting comfortable in your spot and confident with your argument, you lean harder into it, citing something they did last round that was a little fishy. After heated debate, the village decides to lynch him. Coast is clear.

Next round, your team ends up winning. You and your reverend bud share a laugh. A friendship is made.

The Pull

When you roleplay confidence in a position, you and others can rally behind it with more purpose.

As you show confidence in a position, you are more willing you are to stick your neck out for it. This shows people that you have faith in yourself and your standpoint. Seeing this, people are willing to hear where you are coming from and what you have to say.

On a related note; one time, as I was driving through Ohio Univerisity. I saw a sheet hanging from a presumed party house with a phrase “Fake it ’til you make it” painted onto it. Of course, I believe this phrase was used in some sort of unscrupulous manner in this instance, but there is some validity to it.

Fake your confidence. Soon, as you see the payouts of this confidence, it will come more naturally to you. Over time, as you do it more often, you will have shaped yourself into a confident person.

Now, it’s time to go and make things happen, you confident person, you.

Good Job Zack! Roleplay Rules!

Good Job, 


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