Progress Report #5: Mambo Number #5

Progress Report #5: Mambo Number #5

1. 2. 3-4-5.

Only available via phone.
Everybody in the car, so come on let’s ride-to the client’s space around the corner.

Only available via phone

We had our big CEO meeting and it went well. It’s funny how it went really.

To begin with, it was a disaster; the CEO had no idea the purpose of the meeting, who we were, and was only to be available via phone.

Another manager there stepped in and brought us in, last minute. He also brought in the CEO to the meeting, which was huge as well.

This was our saving grace.

To begin, we had this huge plan of talking points we wanted to talk about and angles we wanted to show.


“This is brilliant”

Of course, all this was thrown in the trash when we saw where the meeting was going. The CEO had no idea who we were or what we did. Whoops, but fortunately for us, the other manager had already looked into our work and helped shine a positive light on us.

They explained their situation to us and we were able to better figure out where we needed to attack. This led to some great discussion about their struggles, what they were hoping to solve, and how badly they wanted to solve it.

Our ability to shoot from the hip really and think on our feet was an incredible use to us here. (Thanks DnD and Improv!)

To cap it all off, I sent a thank you meeting to both the CEO and manager who basically had our backs (separately).

There were some good vibes at the meeting. Overall, I felt we did great, but maybe not great enough to give us a second look.

To my surprise, we got a response within a few hours from the CEO. He said we’re obviously very smart guys and wanted us to come in for a second meeting.

Boom! Yahoo!


Meeting #2

So tomorrow is big meeting #2.

We’ve set up a big action plan for how we can provide our service and a road map to large project integration.

I made a presentation to show them on Prezi* which will hopefully impress them and capture everything we want to say in a nicely formatted presentation.

We have been doing a ton of research on their systems, their client satisfaction, headcount, employee gripes and so forth. I’ll give some insight into all that next week if this all goes according to plan.

Tomorrow is the point where we will hopefully get the ball rolling on a contract and start officially working with them. We have a lot riding on this, but we’ve done our research and I think we’ve done everything we can to this point.

Wish us luck!



Good Job,


*Prezi is a web-based presentation software that is really incredible. It shows the presentation as a whole then zooms in on each point as necessary. It’s not like Powerpoint at all. Prezi is much easier to navigate and capture a plan as a big picture instead of a series of slides. It’s also free. USE IT. Additional note: I make no money advertising this. 

2 thoughts on “Progress Report #5: Mambo Number #5

  1. This is great news gentlemen! You wouldn’t get a second meeting if they didn’t think it was worth their time. You’re literally past the hardest hurdle. Your foot is in the door. Now you can use your product and awesomeness to drive the victory home! Best of luck and Good Job!

    1. Thanks for the positive words Sam! We’ll do our best; we’ve done a lot of homework and research so hopefully it all pays off.

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