Progress Report #6: Massive Curveball Edition

Progress Report #6: Massive Curveball Edition


The Big Meeting

Well we had our meeting last week. It went well, although much differently than expected.

In the weeks prior to the big meeting, we spent hours building this beautiful presentation on Prezi . In that presentation, I used information I had gathered from various sources, websites and calls to customer service, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and a large variety of studies.

I’ll share more on that in another article. I think that will be a valuable stand-alone post.

Anyway, we were super prepared for the meeting. Based on the presentation I made and all the research that went into it, I spent a lot of time learning about our value. Additionally, I had a lot of statistics in my pocket that will all build into our arguments on the value we could add. Did you know the average person spends 6.8 hours looking at email…. DAILY!?

Needless to say, we had this thing in the bag.

We went in a few minutes early to set up our sweet wireless presentation setup. Made some conversation with the assistant and were good to go.

The time came when the meeting started. The CEO came in, introduced us to two other people who were in charge of 2 other divisions. We amazed them with our wireless presentation abilities. I made the joke, “At Array Automation, these are the types of things we do.” It was dumb, but at least I enjoyed it.

With the meeting underway, we started showing off our presentation.


Curveball time.

Then the CEO said, “I don’t mean to take turn this 90° in a different direction… but.. What if we did this instead?”

That’s completely something we didn’t prepare for.

Luckily, based on skills I previously talked about, we could still come out swinging. We had been shaken, but not broken. We fielded many of their questions with at least some tact and were able to successfully navigate the conversation.

The meeting went about three times as long as it was supposed to.

The CEO let the other two guys go at some point and we had a conversation just mano y 2 manos. He was diving further into our purpose as a company, why we weren’t doing other things, and etc. Whew, this was something that we weren’t prepared for at all, but it led to some insightful conclusions from him.

There was various stancing and posturing that we navigated through successfully to hopefully lead to both companies benefiting from this interaction.

We were open, exposed, but so was he. He gave us a deep look into the struggles their company was having on a different level and we provide our expertise in ways we didn’t think we had.

We got to see that our expertise and ability to unite technology, data, and analysis was valuable beyond what we thought our capabilities were.

I’ll keep it brief, but we might be future business analysts and doing exactly what we want, except a few steps, years, and projects earlier than expected.

As the situation unfolds, I’ll gladly keep you guys in the loop!

We might have received a curveball, but I think we cranked a home run out of it.

And for fun, here’s our presentation:

Good Job,




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